Tale of Tales Interview


This interview with the two founders of Tale of Tales is interesting because they voice the small visionary corner of the games industry. More generally, they represent artists who side with the exploration of communication over commercial success, although as seen through the gaming medium, which has its own unique history and conventions that factor in to the above continuum. Much of what they say is brilliant and confusingly formed, some of it inflammatory, and some of it makes erroneous comparisons. I don’t even particularly enjoy their games (which you should try playing), but I’m very happy that they exist.

I’m just saying my misunderstanding of the games industry, as a non-gamer, coming in making games — I was taking the subject matter and the content in the cutscenes seriously. I was honestly looking for the stories that are on the back of the box, or the media, the propaganda, that they put out about the game.
I was thinking, “Oh, all this content is in there somewhere, and I just have to find it and I’m missing it,” whatever. When in actuality, no, they really want to make another fucking first-person shooter. That’s amazing to me. Still, to this day, I’m amazed by that.
I mean, they’re always talking about creative frustration, and I’m just like, “Why don’t you just make that thing you’re talking about? I don’t understand. Why are you making this other thing?”

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