Platonic Apple

Remember that Apple is a global empire. If you have met any of their people, they learn a kind of culture language which diverts and uncenters themselves where no one person other than Cook can be seen to represent it. Understanding their brand language starts with the idea that Apple is an ideal of perfection, and beneath it are the ideals of harmony and flow. As an ideal, Apple does not have defects. Only things and maybe the past can have defects.

These other things like bugs and vulnerabilities are external to its perfection, and so they originate elsewhere, maybe in the past, maybe as something random, but certainly something devoid of meaning when compared to the ideal and its experience. Individual products are not Apple, because they are not perfection, but they align to it, and perfection is what makes it always seem just out of reach. The Apple experience exists above and over the material bounds of memory handling and input validation, so these things are external, and in the brand language, they are only ever allowed to exist in the past. By way of example, this is why their security advisories can come off as weird to analysts who confront and solve things.

The best writers speak the language of memory, and a trillion dollar company probably has more than a few of them. Consider that 80% or more of what you believe about reality comes through one of their products, and you are in-effect entranced by them. Their responsibility is to sustain this experience of hypnotic comfort and perfection. The advisory language is reduced until there is nothing left to remove, then calibrated to cause nothing more than a small ripple in your bliss.

by motohagiography