None Of The Above

Let’s Save Great Ideas from the Ideas Industry by Umair Haque.

Are the best things in life the most trying? Are they nouns, adjectives, or verbs; real or imaginary; finite or infinite? Can they be conveyed? How much could you possibly change the world in 82 years? What about yourself? Are there shortcuts? Do books and stories and histories and parents and quotes count? How much elation can we obtain without suffering? How long can you hold your breath? Can an opinion be correct? Should we ask questions? Is thinking good? Is it necessary? Does it make you happy? Are you a commodity? How much do you wish to perceive? Depth or breadth? How do you quantify your life? How would you describe yourself? What is the answer? What is the cost? How are your decisions made? Are you alone? Have you begun your journey?

I love you.

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Comment by LG on 2013-03-09 23:07:46 +0000

I love you too!!!