Mirror's Edge 2 Development Stopped


The linked article is as simple as the headline, which is of course is not original content on my part.

I do want to (fruitlessly) voice my frustration at the sequel’s, hopefully not indefinite, postponement. Mirror’s Edge is unlike any other (mainstream) game you have played, and it is amazing. Its artistic style, gameplay, and non-stereotypical characters really stick out in my mind. Try here for some screenshots.

I agree that it caters to a specific type of person (apparently in the minority), and that it is not the easiest game to learn to play, but these are all the more reason to create a sequel that builds upon the first’s many accomplishments and corrects its weaknesses. Unless making money is more important to game companies than pushing the boundaries of videogames, which is clearly and understandably the case, much to my dismay.

[via Euro Gamer]

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