Image Gallery | Census of Marine Life


Some neat looking, underwater organisms to tide you over until we discover real aliens. Higher resolution images would be much appreciated!

  • 2,700 scientists
  • 80+ nations
  • 540 expeditions
  • US$ 650 million
  • 2,600+ scientific publications
  • 6,000+ potential new species
  • 28 million distribution records and counting

These numbers only begin to describe the scope of the Census of Marine Life, a 10-year international effort undertaken to assess the diversity, distribution, and abundance of marine life—a task never before attempted on this scale. The Census stimulated the discipline of marine science by tackling these issues globally, and engaging some 2,700 scientists from around the globe, who participated in 540 expeditions and countless hours of land-based research. The scientific results were reported on October 4, 2010.

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