I had the brilliant idea to scratch traditional tags and instead use emojis!

📷 photo

🐥 tweet

🧁 recipe

📂 updating collection

This is way more exciting to me than seems appropriate. Part of this was forced by the minimalism of my host, but with constraint comes refinement. Other part of this is inspired as I remain trying to combine tweets, photos, links, recipes, writings, etc into one place. Benefits of emojis are that they do not rely on any particular fancy website infrastructure, should be timeless, are easy to migrate, and serve as a more eye catchingly effective method to categorize information.

My advice is not to overdo the emojis; too many and they lose their utility. Not everything in life needs to be organized down to the last detail and we always have search for the highest resolution function.

What is funny about using a static site generator and then making post titles be tweets, is that they are the URL, which in turn has an actual character limit before it starts breaking browsers, which is a limitation baked into the original design of tweets! Very cool. Though on a technical level I'm semi misusing URLs.