Changed Hosts

I’ve switched hosts from 1&1 (watch where their homepage redirects you to!) to zensix and, like many things in life, there is no evidence of my hard work except for the boring, yet nontrivial fact that everything is exactly the same. One of the reasons for the switch is because I spent over three days interacting with 1&1‘s customer support trying to transfer the domain registration from Dreamhost, only to eventually be told that there is a known bug when initiating registrar transfers, which apparently I was affected by. No ETA on when it would be fixed.

Screw that. So I (very belatedly) did some research on personal hosting companies looking for a balance between price and performance for a flippercanorious site such as this. Moving past the fact that all webhosts have stupid names, I settled on Zensix because it is new, decently designed, cheap, upfront with its limitations, and it has worked for the past six hours. Some other top choices: NearlyFreeSpeech, aSmallOrange, e-rice, WebhostingPad, and site5.

Now, if you followed my story to an obsessive degree, you would conclude that my original registrar problem is still unsolved, and you would be correct in that it is still Dreamhost.

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