Bicycling is overrated

Cycling is not natural. Sitting hunched over on a tiny seat for extended periods of time is uncomfortable, not ergonomic, and not an intended use for the human body while in motion.

Cycling is not safe. Unless you live in a few select cities, cycling is more dangerous than people like to believe. More importantly, it is objectively more dangerous than walking.

Ebikes are definitely not safe. I have no idea how people do not realize ebikes are like motorcycles, but even more dangerous. Most motorcycle accidents (that are not user error) occur in cities, at intersections, at the same speeds people are going while using their ebikes.

Walking is better in almost every situation. While walking you can multitask to your heart's content or do nothing at all and meditate, engage in a completely natural human mode of transportation that you can safely participate in for hours, be aware of your surroundings, not get hit by cars, push things around like belongings or children, and stop to smell the flowers. Walking is free and more physically accessible than cycling. Almost every benefit cyclists like to claim is improved upon while walking. Most people do not wear helmets while walking.

But cycling is faster! Why are we in such a rush all the time? I agree there is a travel distance that is best served by bikes, but it is extremely narrow. Below it you should be walking and above it you should be driving. You can walk for several kilometers in one sitting; you will not die. Any task you are rushing to do can be done while walking, anyway.