Frozen In Time

I really like photography, but it can be extremely lacking. For instance, in this picture, are these bubbles actively effervescing or actually frozen? Were they moving when I took the picture or not? Either way, the act of taking a picture freezes it, taking away information. Sometimes this lack of information is beautiful, but other times it isn’t good enough. I could embed a two second video of this phenomena, but as we currently know video, this would look stupid. How can this void be filled?

This photo isn’t the best example, but there needs to be space between still and moving. I guess a description of the picture could sort of alleviate this, but combining straight up reading with more ‘abstract’ visualization becomes jarring. Then you could take the whole problem further, and demand feeling , taste, etc. be integrated into art. It often is, but like I said, to limit information can lead to beauty.